Yelp Love!

Mmm...I sure do love the Big Dudes here! I totally recommend coming here at least once while you’re still at UCR!
— Karen T.
There are two five-star deli-style sandwich shops in Riverside. This is one of them.
— Ronald T.
Ultimately the BEST Sub place I have ever eaten at. I have loved this place since I was a little girl. It was like our family treat when ever we had an eventful day.
— Laura R.
Comparing The Substation to Subway is like comparing Boston deep-dish pizza with a Lean Cuisine microwave pizza. Really.
— Seth W.
The Big Dude is hands down the best sandwich in town!
— Patrick E.
This is where I come if I’m working hard and want to treat myself or get something really special for someone new to the area. And you are supporting a business that supports the students at UCR!
— Letitia P.

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Just add some mayo, mustard, and of course peperoncini to the Big Dude, and it is heaven on Earth!
— Jenn W.
These sandwiches are just wayyyy too addicting! They use very simple ingredients but turn out a phenomenal sandwich.
— Yezi Z.
I must say this place is WAAAAY better than the Subway that is down the street. The staff are really nice and friendly, and they have free wi-fi too!
— Rebecca N.